The Inspire Series

When I created CX Squared, the goal was always to be community focused, with a clear emphasis on giving young people insights and an opportunity to seek a career in tech, after all the phrase “ingrained in me from an early age” came from somewhere! 

With this in mind, this year, we made the decision to not re-invent the wheel and have now partnered our “Inspire the Next-Gen Series” with the Inspire Series created by the team at Birmingham Tech. 

"Dan and the team at CX Squared have been a driving force in helping young people understand the benefits of a career in technology. They have worked tirelessly to inspire lots of young people across the West Midlands, and that's why we are delighted to be partnering with them on the Inspire Series. The partnership will enable us to reach even more young people and encourage more of them to embark on exciting careers in tech."

Yiannis Maos, CEO of Birmingham Tech.

Our events are bespoke to all educational institutions and all young people around the region.
From Speed Career Dating, to Question A Tech Bod, feel free to get in touch for further information and if you’d like us to organise an event for you.

Tech professionals Wanted

We are always looking for Tech Professionals who have a story to tell. From our video diaries, to “A Day In The life of”

We’d love for you to be part of our Inspire Series’ events. Click below to book a time with us to discuss how you can help and understand more about our initiatives.

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