The Growth Network

The Growth Network is another milestone in line with our commitment to collaboration and connecting the eco-system. 

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Our network of partners gives employers and businesses the opportunities to work with like-minded people who share our values and commitment to a strong and smooth customer experience. Where you can choose from Leadership Development, through to Social Media Consultancy and HR and Employment Law partners.

HR Services

We offer a large range of services such as outsourcing for 12 months with unlimited advice, contracts and handbooks, templated and bespoke letters and documents, HR Management system plus more! We offer employment tribunal insurance, so IF you are taken to tribunal, we cover ALL costs associated! We also have services including GDPR and appraisals, and also have e-learning available.

Video Marketing

Our video marketing services include explainer videos, how-to guides, brand pieces, recruitment, digital conferences for staff and internal comms in general. We also offer culture pieces to help get people on board with culture shifts. 

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Impact Training
Reaching minority groups can feel like you're talking to a brick wall, can't it? Should you use social media? Should you use a certain vernacular or slang? Should you acknowledge culture and age differences? In these training sessions, you can expect to improve youth and BAME stakeholder engagement and recruit and retain BAME talent.
Navigating the Terrain of Race
Navigating the Terrain of Race training is designed specifically to engage both your heart and your mind and ensure we bridge the gap between 'us' and 'them'. In Navigating the Terrain of Race, we'll cover topics including Exploring Black Lives Matter and Understanding the psychological impacts of racism and so much more!
Street Team Legacy Club
The partners have access to our Street Team who engage in community events, in person, and on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By signing up as a partner, you will have access to develop new skills and gain meaningful employment, reduce unemployment, improve social mobility, boost wellbeing, empower the community and its community members, change the future and reduce crime levels.
Can you see me?
Engaging with Black Youth and African and Caribbean Adults requires you to be authentically present. This training is meant to open your eyes to communities and groups that you've never authentically interacted with. We want you to see these communities and learn from them and engage with them.
BAME Training
Trainings include a deep dive into the methods used to boost engagement for new and diverse communities and analysing how personal values and company's values align. The outcomes of this training include creating culturally and authentic workplaces, improving Section 172 reporting, promoting Black leaders in senior roles, reducing unemployment, improving social mobility, boost wellbeing and empowring the community and its community members.

Employment Law & Intellectual Property


Connect for initial advice.
Choose from:
1: 30 minute online meeting with our team 
- There is no charge, booking essential
- Initial chat to understand your legal issue
- Signposting to other sources.
- Suitable for when you need a quick steer
- It is a stepping stone to further legal advice and does not include detailed advice. 
2. Fixed price advisory service. 
- 1 hour meeting with a senior lawyer (IP/Commercial or HR Specialist)
- Up to 1 hour reviewing documents. 
- Suitable for when you need an initial legal view, review of documents or other support.


Collaborate for growth.
Our fixed price monthly advisory service enables you to:
- Have ready access to IP/Tech/Commercial legal support
- Get deals done
- Develop IP strategy
- Troubleshoot problems with customers
- Manage risks in contracts
- Understand IP contracts
- Manage and exploit IP assets
- Protect IP
- Prepare for investment or sale
- Manage cost


REtain for peace of mind.
- Monthly subscription support packages, including day to day legal and HR support
- Ready access to HR/employment law support
- HR documents and processes
- Reliable, clear advice - lawyer led for peace of mind
- Cost transparency
- Access to broader HR expertise

Cyber Security Hygiene

Understand your digital exposure to cyber attacks

Step 2

Understand your internal and external cyber posture and remove risks
Step 3


CX Squared is committed to transparent and honest communication. We are also committed to understanding the needs of a client organisation
We assess everything from budgets to strategic positioning and ensure that the client are able to grow fluidly via proposed scale-up plans

Step 5

What compliance do you need to adhere to within your given business sector and supply chain?
Step 6


Understanding your plans to ensure cyber security is built at the foundations of current and longer-term business plans

Step 7

24/7 continuous monitoring of your digital profile

Leadership & Development

Our services at a glance
For those making big changes
For those tackling daily challenges
For smaller companies about to step-up
6 Months
Commitment: 2.5 hours per week
3 Months
Commitment: 2 hours per week
6 Weeks
Commitment: 1 hour per week
Deep dive personal exploration session
Personal discovery session
Group personal insights kick-off
Tribal exploration of the Lead Happy™ formula
Live Zooms to discuss the Lead Happy™ formula
Webinars introducing the Lead Happy™ formula
Leadership mastermind in tribes
Live leadership skills sessions
Leadership skills in 15 minute series
Lead Happy transformation tracker
Lead Happy progress tracker
Lead Happy learning log
1-2-1 leadership coaching
Community Ask-Me-Anything
Digital content to support learning
Leadership speaker evenings
Digital content to support learning
Format: Bite size and digital
Life-changing book a month
Format: Live and interactive on Zoom
Digital content to support learning
Tribe wrap up experience
Format: Blend of face-to-face and Zoom in tribes

Culture Building

Culture Kickstart
Assessing where your culture is today, using a combination of surveys and one-to-one interviewing, with data analysed on a unique culture framework and compared against relevant benchmarks. Identify your strengths to accentuate and areas to explore further.
Culture Core
Discovering Purpose and authentic Values via a combination of one-to-one interviewing and "best ever" team workships. Purpose and Values are the emotional core of your culture: the foundations that set the tone for everything that you do. They ensure your culture stays strong in future.
Culture Construction
A series of guided exercises, canvasses and workshops to embed your positive culture throughout your business and anhance the experiences you give your people and your customers. 

Social Media Consultancy

In a digital world, social recruiting is now ranked the most useful job search resource, with 80% of employers finding passive candidates through social media channels. Are you using your social media channels effectively to aid attracting talent to your business?

How can we help?
A full consultancy for optimising your social media channels for building a talent pipeline. One of our experts will discuss your goals, audit your existing social media channels and provide you with a full consultancy based on your findings.
A full social media strategy for your hiring goals will enable you to execute your own goals with the help of an expert. We will agree on goals and time frames and then provide you with a full strategy to take your hiring process forward. 
Alongside consultancy and a strategy, we can create a full asset catalogue for you to use alongside your social media strategy. Using your branding and your company tone, we will save you hours of leg-work into putting together content for your hiring through social media strategy.

Why use a Talent Solutions Company to run our social media?

Here's the thing, if there is one thing we know... it's people. Alongside our Culture First vision, we will optimise your social channels to create transparency of your company culture and your values, ultimately attracting talent to queue for your open vacancies. 

What is The Rival Games?

The Rival Games offers businesses the opportunity to retain and engage their workforce through a day out with competition, smiles and fun. 

The Rival Games was created to congregate employee engagement and build comradery and spirit within organisations. Big or small, The Rival Games is for anyone and everyone, and the experience your employees and leadership teams can expect will always be bespoke and unique. 

We appreciate that every company and set of employees have different interests and abilities, so we want to give you as much variation as we can humanly make happen.
Competitions can be played as a team or individual, or neither if you just want a bit of fun where you can use our live web cam application to upload your scores.
We offer a range of packages from 3 events up to 7 events.
Bowls, Table Tennis, Squash, Tennis, FootGolf, Cricket, Basketball, Golf, Assault Courses, Go-Karting, Climbing, Badminton, Tag Rugby, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Baseball, Disc Golf, Rounders
Darts, Pool, Axe Throwing, Mini-Golf, Shuffleboard, Beer Pong, Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Curling
Escape Rooms, Board Games, E-Gaming, Murder Mystery, Orientation, Treasure Hunt
IFly, Go-Karting, Laser Tag, VR Gaming, Canoeing, Water Sports
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