Our Smart Brum

We wanted to create a meetup group that supported the future plans and goals of our city, our SMART CITY.

But we didn’t want to create yet another meetup, we want to make a difference to our futures by not only inviting the most innovative tech professionals and businesses in the sectors but by empowering our future next-gen, with similar interests and visions and to give them a platform to voice their ambitions, opinions and showcase their potential.

We are creating Birmingham’s first Green and Renewable Energy, Sustainability and IOT Tech MeetUp.

We appreciate that there are overlaps of many technologies and therefore we want to open this to everyone in our tech eco-system that wants to join in this extremely important conversation to make our city one of the first Smart Cities in the country. There is an urgent need in all these sectors for tech innovation, without this we cannot sustain our plans to be a smart city before 2030.

Who we want to be involved:

If you have an interest or are currently part of an initiative or tech solution within the following:

-        Sustainability
-        Green or Renewable Energy
-        Net Zero
-        Smart Cities
-        IOT
-        Blockchain
-        5G

You can be one of the below:

·        Tech Companies
·        Tech/Non-Tech professionals
·        A Student or Any Young Person!
·        Entrepreneurs – current and future

Whatever your background, your achievements, your passions and even future plans to run the next future tech business, we want you to be part of the conversation.

Why Our Next-Generation Are So Important To Sustainability and Net Zero?

We Get It!
You want to empower our future next-generation, by giving you a platform to have your say and to have an opportunity to be part of the conversations, grow your connections within the Tech and Smart city eco-systems, but more importantly, feel like you are part of the community.

Next phase:
We are looking for founding members to help be on the steering group behind this important tech meetup and assembly group.

If you are keen to hear more as we gear up to launch in the next couple of months, then please reach out to Dan Rodrigues – 07825 444 051 or on Dan@cx-squared.com

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