Diversity in Tech Brum

Diversity in Tech Brum - Powered by Wondr

Diversity in Tech Brum was created as a movement and initiative to ensure more equality and inclusion for people coming from diverse and under-represented areas of the city and region. 

The movement requires allies, regardless of your colour, privilege or background and our drive is aimed at promoting a level playing field, promoting anti-racism and more importantly making Digital more INCLUSIVE, within Birmingham and the West Midlands.

The team at Wondr are our partners on this mission, and have created an online community to discuss the topics around this important movement. 

WONDR is a social-learning network connecting people interested in social impact or environmental topics. Different from Linkedin and Facebook where you are connected by profession or friends; WONDR connects you with like-minded people interested in Environment or Social Impact topics.

Join the Diversity in Tech Brum community by clicking the button below and lets start a healthy conversation to promote inclusion in the region. WONDR has an app which we would highly recommend downloading from Android or iOS app stores after you have signed up from the link.

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