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CX Squared was formed with a view to improve and modernise the recruitment industry’s practices in a refreshing and innovative manner.

Our new In-House model is exactly that, a customisable Talent As A Service Subscription model that was created to support high growth businesses seeking hard to find tech talent.

Finding the right talent isn’t just about the skills, it is also about finding the right cultural fit and personalities that align to your values. After all, hiring the wrong talent can cost a business on average, 40% of a candidate’s salary and this is why it is so important to pay attention to every aspect of your hiring strategy and employer brand.

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CX squared In-house is more than recruitment it is an innovative and modern hybrid model that will provide you with your own internal talent acquisition team and with all the benefits of using an external talent partner
1. Understand Your Growth Plans
By analysing your predicted 3-12 months growth plans, we can anticipate the monthly costs and put in a monthly subscription that is more cost-effective than having to pay per hire.
2. Choose your Add-On's
We are called talent solutions, because we offer more than a recruitment service. From diversity and inclusion reports, company purpose and scaling coaching, video and marketing, employer branding and EVP and more...
3. Integrate With Your Culture And Purpose
In order to attract talent, they need to see inside your business before they are actually in it. We take the time to understand your company's journey to now, your culture and mission and what it is like to work there.
4. Technology and Communication
We use video technology to streamline the hiring process. 
We will Implement and integrate messaging systems to keep comms flowing such as Slack, Signal and project management software.
5. Hiring Strategy Together
We will create a roadmap and prioritise the hard to find skill, analyse the average times to hire based on the urgency of the individual hires, create job descriptions and video attraction material and produce salary and market reports.
And Much More...
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