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Who are {CX}²?

CX Squared is an alternative talent solutions business radically different and unique to a traditional recruitment agency.
We sit inside your organisation acting as your own personal internal talent team and an extension to your brand and marketing team in order to fully understand your business' purpose, story, values and your culture.

The founders of CX Squared wanted to develop a business that would reshape and innovate the recruitment industry. Not only helping employers to shape your hiring strategy, but also offering solutions to support employee engagement and retention and your whole talent piece. 

CX Squared is committed to transparent and honest communication, where we build trust through collaboration and by understanding the true needs of the employer and your organisation. In order to achieve this, we assess everything from budgets to strategic positioning and we partner with you to ensure that you are able to grow fluidly through scale-up plans with clear timeframes. 

Why {CX}²?

We want our values to align with yours, we practice what we preach - no bull s**t, no false promises, just the hard facts and communications that will help you find your ideal talent or your ideal job.

Culture First, Community Focused

The secret to a successful hiring journey is transparency and genuine
intention. To retain, engage and attract talent, you must be real and give
your people a taste of what it would be like to work in your business and
what your culture looks like, before they’ve even walked through that door
for an interview!
The Reasons Why We Do This?

1.  Show Off Your Employer Brand 
2.  Talk about your Story
3.  Demonstrate what Your Purpose Is?
4.  Understand Your Company’s Values and what they Stand For?
5.  Explain Why Talent Should want to Join You  
6.  Keep Talent Engaged Throughout the Hiring Process 
7.  Ensure You Don’t Lose Out On Candidate’s To Your Competition
8.  Candidate’s will stay, because they are bought into your vision and
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FAQs & Preconceptions

CX squared is a talent partner that sits inside high-growth Tech companies acting as an extension to their marketing team and acting as the companies internal talent acquisition team. This is an innovative type of MSP / RPO solution, which has an extremely tailored service for each company we support. The service allows employers to focus their budgets on developing their product/service that favours the employer without the need to hire a full-time member of staff. They will be able to utilise the resources and talent consultants of CX Squared who can work on site or remotely whilst integrating all communications to improve efficiency and output.
There are many reasons you can have a bad experience, but if we explain the process and what you are to expect, then those fears can be instantly lowered, by knowing the step-by-step process. We run an agile sourcing methodology so you know what to expect, week by week or day by day. As long as we know what your expectations are, we will realise them by being honest as to what is realistic and what is not, and by only saying yes, this is possible if it is genuinely achievable. Trust is built based on the service you expect to get and the time you expect to get it by.
Our biggest bug bear is when a client asks to see our terms. We explain what our service models are, so you know what you are getting for your money. And do you know what is even better, ALL of our costs are already on our website, broken down into bite sized service menus, so you know what you get for your money. Oh… and regarding rebate periods and payment terms, we are flexible and grown up, so just ask and if we can’t do something, we’ll talk you through why and see what is doable.
Well actually, no they are not. Community focused means we are constantly on the ground; at events, hosting initiatives and future planning. We do more than sit at our desk and search for CV’s on job boards. In fact, if you think that’s how you are going to find talent these days - by searching and posting a job advert, you are mistaken. You have to do more and be seen to be trusted, and this is why we are always out and about and working with the next-gen of tech and digital talent.
Because they are bespoke to our clients and candidates. Our processes are tailored to different needs because we understand that every business is different and they have to be bespoke to ensure every employer can get the best from what what we offer. Our In-House service allows fast growth employers to gain access to The Growth Network, which in turn will allow them to scale faster, with a clear hiring strategy and plan in place to support the other elements.

Our Journey so far..

  • SEPT 2019

    {CX}² Talent Solutions Launched

  • OCT 2019

    First presentation delivered on the Digital Skills Gap at Birmingham Tech Week

  • NOV 2019

    "The Brum Muse" Round table - created to solve the Digital Skills Gap

  • NOV 2019

    First key-note speech delivered at Tin Smart Social Launch

  • JAN 2020

    Second key-note delivered at The Prince's Trust "Can Do" launch

  • FEB 2020

    "Inspire The Next-Gen Series" launched including Speed Career Dating

  • MAR 2020

    {CX}² secure a place on the Natwest Accelerator Hub - Brindley Place

  • MAR 2020

    ReCX Podcast Series : Promoting digital skills providers in the West Mids

  • APRIL 2020

    ReCX Podcast Series: How Tech Businesses in the West Midland's are coping during Covid-19

  • MAY 2020

    Named Community Lead on Digital Skills for Birmingham Tech

  • MAY 2020

    Free Video CV and Job Application Offered to all BCU and Aston Final Year Students

  • MAY 2020

    First - {CX}² LIVE Webinar - How Tech Businesses Are Facing Covid-19

  • JUNE 2020

    Partnership announced with Digital Innovators

  • JUNE 2020

    Launch of "Diversity In Tech Brum" - Initiative to improve career opportunities for people of colour

  • JUNE 2020

    ReCX Podcast Series: Mental and Emotional Well-Being during Lockdown.

  • JUNE 2020

    Guest Judge at Innovation Fest 2020 for BCU Digital and Computer Science Final Years

  • JULY 2020

    Published Author on "Customer Experience 2: The Untold Recruitment Story - From Transactional To CX"

  • JULY 2020

    Mentor for Warwick University and Ambassador for Code Your Future

  • AUG 2020

    Nominated to sit on the West Midlands Digital Skills Partnership Board

  • SEPT 2020

    Named Tech Recruitment Business of The Year by Prestige Awards

  • SEPT 2020

    Launch of our new Talent As A Service Subscription Model - {CX}² In-House

  • NOV 2020

    Partnership announced with Aston Computer Science Society

  • DEC 2020

    2021 New Podcast series "Coffee Rants"

  • JAN 2021

    {CX}2 secure a place on the Natwest Accelerator Hub - Brindley Place

  • MAR 2020

    Started A "Laptops For The Kids" Donating 50+ Devices to Schools in Birmingham

  • JAN 2021

    Launch of New YouTube Channel "The Recruitment Doctor"

  • FEB 2021

    Headline Sponsor for Aston Hack 2021

  • FEB 2021

    Named UK Number 8 CX Influencer by CX Magazine

  • MAR 2021

    {CX}² New Re-Branding and Website to Launch

  • MAY 2021

    Launch of Our New Smart City Brum Meet-Up

  • JUNE 2021

    SME News Business Elite Awards 2021 - Winner of Best in Talent Solutions - West Midlands

  • JULY 2021

    Elliot Gustave joins the team as Talent Consultant

  • JULY 2021

    CX Squared accepted on the High-Growth Natwest Accelerato

  • JULY 2021

    Lana Taylor joins the team as Social Media Manager

  • AUGUST 2021

    THE BRUM MUSE becomes a C.I.C.

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